TUESday-saturday 10.00am - 4.30pm

1 Bolton’s Place, Ulverston, LA12 7FE

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Ripe is a specialist bakery and shop based in Ulverston.

Using seasonal and natural ingredients is at the heart of what we do. Ingredients that go into Ripe products are foods, as nature intended. We use real grains and whole flours, raw nuts, unrefined sugars and fats that are good for you. Eggs from local hens that are free to roam and fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables and edible flowers that are grown by us or as close to our door as possible. Ingredients are sourced with sustainability and locality in mind and organic where possible. We adhere to these ethics without compromising on taste. Taste is paramount.

By using these types of ingredients they remain nutritionally better for us,as opposed to heavily refined and processed ingredients which lose much of their goodness.  We use foods that nourish and also retain more flavour, colour and nutritional benefits.

We make cakes, salads, bites, bread and more with these principles in mind. The majority are naturally free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, most are vegan too.

Everything is made on site, bar three types of delicious sourdough loaves, which are made at a local bakery; Bakehouse Born and Bread, in nearby Greenodd.

We serve a selection of hot and cold drinks and have a small seating area.

In addition to our fresh products we have a small range of carefully selected snacks and specialist food items.

Ripe is run by Ella. 

About ella

I grew up in a beautiful area of West Dorset. As one in a family of six, home cooked and home grown food surrounded me from a very young age. After meal times, to us, meant picking time and I have very fond memories of picking everything from gooseberries to asparagus. I’d regularly be sent into the garden to get ‘ten chives’ or ‘two handfuls of sage’, so I always knew what my food looked like and where it came from. Meat and eggs would often come from our friends who farmed up the road and additional vegetables from a local organic box.

This fortunate outlook meant I had an appreciation of good food from the start. I was never interested in fizzy drinks or junk food, I’d tasted real food and it was no comparison!

I was always eager to learn and help with the cooking at home. I took great pleasure in looking through recipe books and started experimenting with flavours early on, never being one to follow recipes.


Eventually my food journey took me outdoors and as I travelled to new locations and found myself in different situations, the food I ate adapted too. In many cases I found myself preparing food in vans, in the wilderness and by campfire. Being in the outdoors meant my interest in foraging only continued to grow, having eaten my first stinging nettle aged 8! I’ve also been lucky enough to sample many culinary delights from Amazonian River piranha in Ecuador, to sweet and delicately spiced street food in the backstreets of Xian, China.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I am very aware of the effects that the foods I eat are having on the planet around me as well as the affects they can have on my body and performance. These concerns are strongly reflected in the way I cook and source ingredients. 

My love of the outdoors has brought me to the English Lake District where I am working on my own kitchen garden, foraging to my heart's content, climbing the odd mountain or two and baking for Ripe.