Ripe is a specialist bakery and shop based in Ulverston that uses seasonal ingredients. Ingredients that go into Ripe products are foods, as nature intended. We use real grains and whole flours, raw nuts, unrefined sugars and fats that are good for you. Eggs from local hens that are free to roam and fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables and edible flowers that are grown on site or as close to our door as possible. Ingredients are sourced with sustainability and locality in mind and organic where possible. We adhere to these ethics without compromising on taste. Taste is paramount.

These types of ingredients are also nutritionally better for us,as opposed to heavily refined and processed ingredients which loose much of their goodness.  We use foods that nourish and also retain more flavour, colour and nutritional benefits.

We make cakes, biscuits, bars and bites with these principles in mind. The majority are naturally free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, most are vegan too.

Ripe is run by Ella.